Some people like to shop around based on circular prices and some people prefer the convenience of whatever's closest.

I have included links to all the supermarkets I frequent. A lot of them send out flyers weekly but it seems more environmentally friendly and cost efficient to just look it up on the internet.

Prices for all these store are current starting the Wednesday of each week. 

Asian Specialty Stores 

Convenience Stores 

These stores carry most household convenience items- from produce to grains to canned and dry goods as well as school, office, and gardening supplies. This is the easiest place for new people to begin shopping at. As you learn Vegas you will become less reliant on it. Not as well rounded as 99only but it does have a nice selection of glassware.


The libraries here have ample comfortable seating if you just want to sit there and read and tons of materials to look through including books, movies and music, as well as internet access. With 14 branches there is sure to be an air-conditioned place to sit and read and check the internet on, not too far from your home.

Parks and Recreations 

This is an all inclusive list of every city run recreational facility in Las Vegas. *To Do List - I plan to add pictures and short video clips of each facility so viewers can see whats available.*

Additionally, the State of Nevada maintains a few fishing spots in Las Vegas.

Second Hand Stores

*Note* This information was valid last year but I haven't personally visited any of these stores recently. I see no reason for the stores to have changed but I can't guarantee that its still the same way it was last year.

If you are looking for furniture this is the first place you should check.

Good spot to look for clothes and furniture.

This is the biggest second hand chain in Las Vegas. The quality of the donations vary depending on which part of town the store is located in. They have the biggest inventory of used clothing, housewares, and books.

Worth visiting if you like sorting through junk but I find their stores to be crowded due to smaller size retail space.

The new kid on the block - they have been around for less than 2 years so they have yet to acquire the inventory and donor list of their competitors.

New Clothing

Usually Fallas is my first stop for underwear, t-shirts, socks, athletic wear, and everyday wear. Not everything there is great - but if you take the time to look you can find strong durable all natural clothes. The Maryland store seems to be primarily for women and kids but the Meadows Mall location is fully stocked.


Mattress and Boxspring Sets Delivered

I sleep in it every night and it feels good!

Government Property Auctions

If you got more time than money - it looks like the local government has property auctions twice a year.

Social Services

Welfare &Medicaid/Medicare - If you need medicaid or food stamps or help finding a job this is the place to go.

Social Security - This is what you pay taxes for.

Utility Companies

NV Energy (702) 402-5555

Southwest Gas (877) 860-6020

LVVWD (702) 870-4194

Century Link (702) 244-7469

Local Government

Clark County (702) 455-0000

City of Las Vegas (702) 229-6011

City of North Las Vegas (702) 631-1000

City of Henderson (702) 267-2323


Clark County School District (702) 799-5000

University of Las Vegas (702) 895-3011

College of Southern Nevada (702) 650-2276

Nevada State College (702) 992-2000

Department of Motor Vehicles

(702) 486-4368

Art Supplies This is a good store for a very wide range of introductory level arts and crafts goods. This is a great store for art supplies that can be applied to an industrial model. The best source is the web site but the local shop does offer you a hands on level of interaction with their products. While they do have very large inventory of products - I find that some of their materials actually don't perform well in application. I would suggest visiting for window shopping and getting ideas but I have been disappointed with many of the products that I selected from their store.

Hardware Stores

Harbor Freight Tools - This is a great place to shop for reduced costs hardware items. I find it especially good for disposable items as well such as brushes, saw blades, grinding discs, etc. Also if you are unsure about how a tool performs and are reluctant to invest into a more expensive higher quality item this store offers you a great opportunity to learn without investing a lot of money, Great place to go to just look around and see what tools and material you have access to before designing any projects. I think Lowes is just Home Depot in a slightly higher priced warehouse.

A big thank you to all parties that contribute towards the empowerment and realization of the freedoms that many take for granted. Without honest people in the world we would all be at the mercy of capitalism and exploitation.